Swing - Electric & Solar

Automatic Swing Opener Kit - Solar or Electric

Do you need a swing or slide kit for your gate? We can help you make the right choice.

Automatic Swing Opener Kits

Our Automatic Swing Opener Kit is designed to suit gates which swing inward or outward on your property. The automatic swing kits have a great range of functions. The automatic swing opener kits are available as a single or double kit, with a max gate length of 4.2m (pending gate design/weight). Both solar and electric automatic gate kits are 12 volt.

Solar automatic swing opener kits are run off the battery, which generally has a life span of approximately 2 years (pending amount of usage, weather (heat) and how often it has a full top up charge).

Electric swing kits are run off power, though it does have a backup battery for if there are any power outages.

You can choose to program up to 120 remotes to the kit.

Have a look at the attached Solar or Electric brochures to see what your kit includes.

Optional Extras Available