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Why Custom Gate Installations are Best for your Home


These days security gates in Queensland have become increasingly popular. There are many ways to secure your home, however, installing a custom gate has shown preference over recent years as break and entering rates in Cairns continues to rise. What also becomes a great interest to homeowners in Mareeba is the increasing market value of their property. 

Investing in a custom gate system provides several benefits to your home or property. Through installing a security gate, not only will you increase your properties value and appeal, but you will also protect your home from robbery. 

Custom gates provide a suitable and attractive solution for any property. Here are the top reasons you should be taking advantage of the benefits of custom gate installation: 

Choose functions that best suit your property

Selecting functions of your gate that suit you is a good way to maximise convenience. You’ll want to decide on the purpose of your gate and the best spot for its location. When you have a custom gate installed in your home, you can bet that the features and functions of your gate are practical for you and perfectly fit your property. 

Design choice 

Deciding to install a custom gate provides you with endless possibilities. A custom gate will make sure the style of your home is as amazing as you envision. When you request a custom gate installation, you are offered creative control. This means the gate can be your choice in location, colour, function and material. For instance, if you need a side gate to prevent your pets from escaping, you may need your custom gate to be close to the ground. An experienced Fencing professional can help you customise a gate to suit your design requirements and even offer some expert industry advice.


Home Security is an attractive trait for any home. One of the primary reasons we install custom gates in our homes is to increase the protection against burglary. If your home appears simple to break into, you become a higher target to unwarranted entry. Installing a custom security gate in Queensland is becoming increasingly popular for homeowners. While a custom gate will increase your own safety,  it is also a fantastic feature that will increase the value of your home when you want to sell.

Professional installation 

Gate installation conducted by a fencing professional is your best option if you require a custom gate. Hiring a fencing professional will ensure your custom gate is installed safely, within the fencing regulations. In addition, if you aren’t knowledgeable in custom gates, a professional fencing expert will understand your need and help you achieve your vision. As a result, your home will be fitted with the right fence that suits your needs, environment and increases your home safety. 

If you’re interested in protecting your family and increasing the safety of your home contact Fencing Around. The Fencing Around experts offer a wide variety of custom gate services as well as installation and fence replacements. Hire a fencing contractor today or contact for your free quote!

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