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Pool Safety Pointers – Steps to takes as a Parent


Queenslanders know that whether you are an adult or toddler, there is nothing more refreshing than a dip in the pool. While pools make summer full of fun and can keep kids entertained for hours, there is a lot of responsibility in having one. 

Children and pools are a dangerous duo when pool safety guidelines are not followed or enforced. Sadly it only takes a minute for a child to drown. So, if you’ve just gotten a pool this summer, before you slip slop slap, make sure you educate and understand the risk of pools around children.

To help your summer stay safe and fun, here are some reasons why a pool fence is the best form of hazard prevention this summer.

Create a barrier to prevent drownings

Safety starts at home. Drowning is the biggest cause of accidental death for young children. Most accidental drownings occur in a private backyard in a swimming pool. Therefore, you can see the importance of having a barrier in place.

You can reduce the risks of accidents happening by fencing your pool or spa. Additionally, you need to make sure your children are monitored outside at all times.

If you are currently in the process of installing your pool, temporary fencing is a safety precaution that should not be overlooked.

Pool fences with self-closing latches

Self-closing latches prevent children from accessing an area without an adult present. This is an essential safety measure pool owners need to take.  It is essential your pool access latch is out of reach for small children. The self-closing feature on the latch will protect any children in the vicinity of your pool by restricting their entry. 

A sectioned pool zone will prevent other injuries

Pools are definitely fun while you are swimming, cruising on a floaty or relaxing on a sunbed. However, wet surfaces quickly become a slippery hazard that will cause injury. Sectioning off your pool is the best way to avoid unintentional injuries like tripping, slipping or falling. An appropriately installed pool fence will create a barrier which sections wet from dry surfaces. Additionally, a pool fence will signal caution to your visitors who are not as familiar in your yard.

Abiding Pool Safety laws will prevent penalty fines

Strict pool regulations apply in Australia. If you own a pool in Queensland, you may be aware of the government safety laws in place. 

When these laws are not followed, you are at risk of receiving a penalty as well as endangering anyone who enters your house. Having the correct safety measures in place which abide by Queensland rules will protect your family and friends. 

Learning water safety can help you save a life

With the right prevention method and first aid knowledge, your children and guests can be safe. While every Pool in Queensland needs a pool fence, it is important to know the first response measures if you own a pool. The prevention that a pool fence offers is restricted access. This will effectively protect your family, visitors and any children from pool-related incidents.  

The correct pool safety fence is strong and can not be obstructed by kids or animals. Unless the gate is open, restricted access means the pool area can stay fun and safe place for your family and friends to enjoy!

If you’re in need of a new pool fence or not sure if your fence needs replacing, the professionals at Fencing Around are ready to help you. Increase your pool safety this summer.  The Fencing Around experts offers a wide variety of pool gates, fences and services as well as installation and fence replacements. Hire a fencing contractor today or contact for your free quote! 

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