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The Benefits of Electric Fencing


Fences are one of the oldest and most effective methods of livestock management used around the world since the dawn of agriculture. There are so many materials that you can use to build a fence, depending on the types of terrain, area to be fenced in, location, and animal types. The most recent technology in fencing and the most effective type for livestock containment and boundary protection is electric fencing. 

An electric fence acts as a barrier that uses small harmless electric shocks to deter animals from crossing a boundary and to protect the fence line from damage. Compared to conventional fencing, an electric fence is a much more effective method for livestock and wildlife to learn to respect the boundary line. 

The many benefits of electric fencing identify why an electric fence is the best type of fencing for livestock:


Electric fencing is the best alternative to keeping your livestock safe! Other fencing options such as wire or woven fences allow room for your animals to hurt themselves or be a victim to predators.


The spacing between wires and areas is a great benefit of electric fencing. Electric fences are highly versatile for different spaces and confining many different types of livestock. The design and construction time makes electric fences simple to move. Temporary electric fences are a great fence alternative if you are looking to shuffle confinement space for your animals. 

Ease of installation

Depending on the size of area and terrain, setting up your electric fence can be a faster process when completed by a fencing professional. With simple construction, the setup time of your electric fence will be less than the time it takes to install conventional fencing.


If you are seeking a fencing solution for animals, electric fencing is an affordable alternative to conventional fence costs. When constructed by a fencing professional, there is less time spent for setup and material costs can be lower than barbed or woven wire, wood or vinyl. Your animals will be less likely to damage an electric fence as they are aware of the boundary which it physically and mentally presents. When your fence is constructed with quality supplies by a professional fencer, there will be less maintenance needed, less money spent on amending your fence.


Many animals you try to keep in confinement are strong enough to escape, break or damage physical barriers like traditional fencing solutions. An electric fence is a psychological deterrent for your livestock. The electric pulse experienced by the livestock physiologically deters your animals from escaping, breakthrough or damaging your fence. This is also effective for external predators.

While these are all the benefits of installing an electric fence to contain your livestock, it is important to remember the implications of DIY fencing.

Dealing with fencing construction can cause more problems if not installed correctly. To maintain the safety of yourself and others, it is best suggested to seek help from a fencing professional who is knowledgeable and trained to efficiently set up your fence to be durable and have minimal implications.

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